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Summer Camp Moncalvo in Danza

A total immersion in nature. Everything is organized to live a sharing experience in contact with the aesthetic suggestions that every hour of the day transmits to us.





The accommodation facilities are comfortable and technological tents located within the Orsolina28 area. 18 permanent geodetic tents in thermal insulating material placed on platforms. Ventilation and heating system. Simple and functional furnishings. Capacity for 4/6 seats. Standard beds Each tent has a bathroom with toilet, sink, shower and hot water. Inside the Glamping area there are common areas complete with washing machines, sinks and two further toilets available for guests.

The Hostel Le Magnolie

Located 2 km from O28, on the top of a hill in Penango, a small historic village, the hostel Le Magnolie allows accommodation to artists throughout winter, and expands the availability for choreographic and research residencies. The three story building has 18 comfortable rooms, thoughtfully designed for two, three, or four participants, all with en-suite bathrooms, WIFI, and air conditioning. The entire ground floor opens into the garden and is fully equipped with a communal kitchen and laundry area. This space is reserved for eating, studying, and lounging. This pleasant atmosphere of community, together with the refreshing landscape and the quietness of the countryside makes training extremely enjoyable.


Where to eat

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, simple and natural foods are provided, strictly with 0 KM products. The catering service is available to everyone, not only for children but also for carers, visitors and teachers.


Tutor Service

For minors who cannot be accompanied by their parents or assistants during this study week, we will make available TUTORS who will follow the children and will be available for any of their needs, including night assistance.


The day

After waking up and having breakfast, the kids are ready to get to the heart of the typical day of our week. There are lessons of WARM UP / HEATING in the open air and GROUND BAR to prepare the body. The first break is lunch, consisting of organic food grown in the Orsolina 28 garden. Dance lessons will then resume until the end of the day. Before dinner it will be possible to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

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